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I love you guys! I'll keep posting new and cool promo's and discounts here to make sure that you remember that.

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Got something that needs fixin? Give Garage a shot and we'll save you a cool 20% on your first repair appointment.

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10 setup/restring punch card

It's like a coffee punch card, but it's not for coffee. GGr is practically ooooooooozing out value with this one. 


Touring Band Discount

You're coming from out of town, probably paying for that ridiculous ferry, but you want your gear in tip-tip shape. I offer discounts for touring bands, just send me a note and I'll get you a quote!


2 for 1 Pickup install

I'm practically giving stuff away here! Let's revamp both of your pickups for the price of one!


$10 off your first setup

Want to check us out but art a bit shy to try something new? This should help, take $10 off your first setup and get ready to love your instrument all crazy-like again!